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Are You Ready to Satiate Your Nostalgia?

TimberCADE is a 1/3 scale full featured arcade with full size, authentic controls designed to sit on a counter or desktop. Purchase the Timbercade in Factory Finished Maple, Black or White w/ Your Choice of Buttons
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TimberCADE can Play 4000+ Arcade Games

& Virtually Every Game from the Following Systems

*Games NOT INCLUDED and MUST be purchased separately.

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Use the Built-In, Authentic Arcade Controls or Your Favorite Controller of All Time

Connect 4 or 8* Controllers for the Ultimate Multi-Player Experience
The TimberCADE is compatible with any USB based controller, joystick, trackball, mouse or keyboard.

Exclusive TimberCast Technology

Connect your TimberCADE up to any TV or monitor via HDMI.

The TimberCADE will display on both screens simultaneously…perfect for multi-player action!

Using TimberCADE’s exclusive Perfect Scale technology, you can connect the TimberCADE to your desired display device with up to 4K resolution while displaying the ideal resolution on the built-in TimberCADE screen at the same time.

No configuration or set up is necessary, just plug it in!

Purpose Built, Pixel Perfect LCD Screen

with Perfect Scale Aspect Ratio Technology

Choose from 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios for ANY game.

The TimberCADE’s special 10″ LCD screen eliminates distortion or warping for pixel perfect, full screen action.  The high resolution LCD screen scales classic games on a pixel by pixel basis and is designed to bring the classic pixel art to life just the way you remember it.  Typical LCD screens look blurry or ‘soft’ when playing classic games but not so with the TimberCADE where each pixel is absolutely perfect and crisp.

Choose Your Buttons

The TimberCADE comes with your choice of three different types of buttons:

Happ Buttons with Cherry Switches: If you are from the USA these are what you want for the perfect nostalgic experience.

Japanese Competition Buttons: These buttons have convex tops and quicker switches for high performance gameplay.

LED Illuminated Buttons: These buttons are lit from the inside with LEDs and feature convex tops with very fast actions.

Back-Lit Customizable Marquee

The TimberCADE’s marquee is custom back-lit with a high powered LED strip.

The marquee is made of a sandwich of laser-cut translucent plexiglass and a DIY printable face.

Name your arcade anything that you want!  Just print custom text and graphics onto the included template to make your arcade fun and unique!  Swap the marquee graphics anytime you want in under 3 minutes with no tools required.


8-Player Arcade Action

The TimberCADE supports up to 8 players using any combination of USB controllers and additional TimberCADE Arcade Controls*.

Purchase additional TimberCADE arcade controllers so you and your friends can play multiplayer games the way they were meant to be played and connect up to 8 of them directly to the TimberCADE.  Additional TimberCADE controllers are even available with alternate button configurations on request!  You can even swap the alternate button configurations  for the built in TimberCade controls!

High-End Audio

The TimberCADE uses Peerless Tymphany speakers connected to a real 10 watt digital amplifier so your games sound BETTER than you remember.  These Peerless speaker’s have excellent sound reproduction and hard hitting bass that doesn’t clip or distort.  The sounds of the arcade is one of our favorite parts of the whole experience, so we made sure that the TimberCADE’s audio system is the best in the business.

Look at the size of those magnets!

Big Features, Small Footprint

The TimberCADE is a 1/3 scale version of a full size arcade with full size controls.  Most of our customers put it on a desktop, tabletop or countertop for the perfect, standing playing experience.  Alternatively you can connect it to your TV or monitor and play with wireless controllers!

Length:11 Inches

Height: 23.25 Inches

Width: 11.5 Inches

Weight: 15 Pounds

The TimberCADE is made from CNC laser cut, factory finished panels with zero visible hardware and comes fully assembled and tested in our American factory.  Each TimberCADE comes with a limited 12 month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


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